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Happy 29th Birthday Tsuyoshi Domoto!!!!

What better way to celebrate than to honor some of his wonderful work? Since Kinki Kids have the Guinness world record for number one debuts, it's not a challenge to find good Tsuyoshi pieces. It's more of a challenge limiting it to 5. LOL

"Kurikaesu Haru" His latest release under 244 Endli-x. Love this song. I seem to sing it a lot, and his voice sounds lovely as always.

A good ol' Kinki Kids song! I just love Tsuyo-chan's hair like that.... and the deflowering metaphors give me a grin too. "Jounetsu"

Ah... the purple suit. The JE crack lyrics. The butt wiggling. The crazy codpiece. It can only be, "The Rainbow Star".

Beautiful singing, and the appearance of the white dragon. "Sora ga Naku kara"

My favorite version of my favorite Kinki Kids song. "Anniversary" from Font de Anniversary.

And to further fulfill your Tsuyoshi Domoto needs, there are some great fansubs for some of his dramas around.

Eternal Fansubs has 9 out of the 10 episodes of Bokura no Yuuki ~ Miman Toshi available. (Really looking forward to their Kimi To Ita Mirai No Tameni
~I'll be Back~ subs!) The tenth softsub for Miman City should be available soon:


For hardsub fans, Makoto Sincerity have also begun work on the series and have the first two episodes available for direct download at their LJ as well as their subbed Kinki Kids story PVs.

And last but certainly not least, 39 (sankyuu) Fansubs released two subbed Tsuyoshi PVs today. These guys are dedicated to subbing Kinki Kids into English, and have some great old clips as well as a growing list of videos. Be sure to be on the lookout for their Kindaichi season 1 subs in the future.


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