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Here is Greenwood Live Action starts in July!

L to R: Shinobu (Sato Yuuichi), Shun (Suzuki Hiroki), Kazuya(Izawa Yuuki), and Mitsuru (Miura Riki)

Okay, I'm a longtime fangirl for the manga by Nasu Yukie and the anime OVA. While going through the summer fansub map, I nearly fell out of my chair when I ran across this. The No-brand Heroes are getting the live action treatment on Tokyo MX, and the series is set to premiere in July! DoReMii has already picked this up to sub. So now you know exactly which title I'm most looking forward to this coming season. (Sorry, Ohno and Toma! I 'll be watching Maou too, though. hehe... I've got about 8 titles already on my summer watch list... ^.^;)

I think this series could really do well as a live action adaptation, and something about it just seems perfect for a summer comedy. Maybe there is a natural affinity between ikemen and the summer season. 


After his brother and only living relative marries Kazuya's first love, he decides to move into the dorms of the prestigious Ryokuto Academy to preserve his sanity. He's assigned to live in Greenwood, an ex-asylum full of the weirdest students at Ryokuto. The story revolves around four students, their families, and their friendships. Follow the quirky exploits of Kazuya, who if he didn't have bad luck would have no luck at all. Shun, who looks and acts exactly like a girl. Mitsuru, the ladies man who has no luck with the ladies. And Shinobu, the cool and manipulative Student Council leader... who might have the strangest family of them all. With a little luck, Kazuya will not just survive the insanity of Greenwood but also discover a second chance at love.

Anyhow Greenwood's a very quirky romantic comedy, and it's so slice of life most of the time that the creators have both lots to draw on and lots of leeway with the plot. I think having real people in the roles might help ground the characters and story for those who found the manga/anime a bit too over the top, but it should be fun and funny all the way through.  It looks like the characters are going to be pretty accurate from their casting and photos so far, and with Greenwood that's biggest part of the equation right there. After that the love story and family stories should be a pretty natural fit even with whatever changes it takes to bring Greenwood to life.  

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