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Oh My Girl Episodes 1-3

I didn't have much expectation for Oh My Girl.  While I like Mokomichi well enough, I've never been crazy about Kato Rosa's acting.  And the potential for her uptight manager act to annoy me was a definite fear going into this series.  But I gave it a chance, and I'm really glad that I did. 


See Koutaro.  Koutaro is an aspiring cell-phone novelist.  Yeah, he shouldn't quit his dayjob. 

See Ann-chan.  Ann-chan is a child star, and a consumate professional. 

See Mineko.  Mineko is a doofus manager who leaves tags on her clothes and forgets to put her cellphone on vibrate during press conferences. 

Ann-chan says, "You suck!  I need a better manager."

Mineko also makes lots of crazy psychokiller faces. 

See Koutaro miss his deadline.  At least Mineko makes it to the press conferences on time. 

Koutaro's boss says, "You suck.  I need a better journalist." 

The guy who played Yocchan in Sexy Voice and Robo thinks Koutaro sucks too.  He plays Ishida Ken here.

See Yasuno Mikako, Koutaro's nice coworker.  This is her "I like Koutaro even though he sucks" face.  She makes this face a lot.  She also spends a lot of time hanging out in the smoking room with Koutaro, especially for someone who doesn't smoke. 

Koutaro likes writing porn sappy romance dialogue on his cellphone.  We know men never really say those lines, but that's why we like to read them too.  Koutaro says, "XD"

This is Koutaro's stepsister Hinako.  When their parents died she left all the funeral details to him and kept working as an actress.  Now she's broken his craptastic duct-tape fridge handle.  Tomorrow she'll dump her daughter on him.  Hinako is a woman of mystery. 

Some of the expected zany adventures ensue, such as Koutaro being wrangled into bringing Ann-chan into the office without disclosing their relationship so that he can make up for his failure at the press conference.  Everyone but Ken is impressed, and after all the cute talk about loving melon bread, strawberries, dogs, and rabbits Ann-chan takes Koutaro out for some shark fin soup.  Only in Japan can the spokeschild for an environmental campaign do that.  Apparently, she comes to this restaurant once a month to pretend to love their soup.  I'm betting this is someplace her mom takes her. 

Koutaro spends a fair bit of time seething over how spoiled Ann-chan is, though there's obviously lots of displaced anger at his sister.  Mineko spends her time gushing over Ann-chan.  And Yasuno gives Koutaro good advice while hanging out in the smoking room. 

Yasuno thinks, "I like you Koutaro, even though you suck...."

Koutaro thinks, "I have a crush on Yasuno; but, unless they pull a Yama Onna Kabe Onna, I'm doomed to end up with the doofus manager." 

Ann-chan gets a dog for her birthday.  And plays a funny trick to keep him. 

Koutaro didn't know it was her birthday, so all he got her were some emotional scars. 

I keep thinking that had Night said that to Riiko about Soushi in Zettai Kareshi, Mokomichi might have saved that show.  Ann-chan however is not amused.

First IronChef was cancelled, then Hinako disappeared, now Ann-chan's gone.  Nobody can blame Kaga Takeshi for having a drink. 

So Ann-chan keeps calling her mom's cell while wandering the streets.  Apparently, Hinako left it in thier apartment.  Truly, Ann-chan's birthday is made of suck.  And since Ann-chan's memories show Hinako to be a loving mother this will either have a hilarious explanation eventually or Hinako's not long for this world. 

After some phone tag and finding Hinako's cellphone, Koutaro removes his head from his arse and makes up with Ann-chan. 

It treads the expected ground of a family/romance/comedy... but it does it in a way that was really enjoyable for me.  It doesn't take the sentimental stuff to any level where it feels forced or cheesy.  It's just a feelgood show, and that's fine by me.  While Kato Rosa's character is not my favorite in the beginning, I don't find myself hating her. 

Episode 2 mostly built on what we'd established already.  Koutaro is still being selfish and stubborn.  Ann-chan is still dealing with problems and not talking to others about them yet.  And Kato Rosa is still playing a doofus, but she really cares about Ann-chan.  Nicely, I do side with her character sometimes, though Yasuno can actually get to the same point without being even remotely obnoxious.  Yasuno is also revealed to be a divorced mother with a cute little son, and she still gives good advice.  I like the Teru Teru Bozu in episode 2, and I wonder if they'd work on the snow we're getting.  Yes, I said snow.  *sigh*  Anyhow, it was a more solid episode overall, and I enjoyed it.  Koutaro is now stuck living with the doofus manager and cute niece, and we all know what that means. 

Episode 3 is their chance to delve into Mineko's character, when her worried father shows up.  Since she is presently living in Hinako's condominium with Ann-chan and Koutaro, one can see why daddy might get confused.  Of course, this is the same girl who freaks out over Koutaro sleeping shirtless in the living room and calls him a pervert for it.  Now I'm not sure if she's a doofus or lesbian during that scene. I'd love a topless Mokomichi in any room of my house. 

Mokomichi says, "I'm not spending another whole drama sleeping in the bathroom for a prude."

Ann-chan says, "You suck, Mineko!  I'm 9, and I like the view just fine."

However as the episode progresses, Mineko quickly lightens up considerably and the episode has a nice heartwarming dynamic developing between the characters.  Her father is a nice man, and by the end of the show he feels confident leaving Mineko with Ann-chan and Koutaro.  Best of all, the three pull together early without falling into the melodrama cliches of long scenes of failure to create unnecessary tension.  The series knows how to use restraint.  Hooray!  Hopefully, I won't have to call Mineko a doofus ever again.  Though I've liked plenty of characters who were much bigger doofuses objectively speaking. 

Is the show perfect?  No, but it's certainly enjoyable and not saccharine like the majority of shows in this genre.  The characters stem from recognizable cliches, but they manage to become something more than those stereotypes while you're watching them.  Kato Rosa  gets a lot better in episode 3, and I hope for more of those touching scenes with her.  I can't understand anyone who thinks Hayami Mokomichi is still acting like the robot from Zettai Kareshi.  He showed more emotions in the first 5 minutes of OMG than in all of ZK.  I think it's just fashionable to say he's robotic, so I'll dare to be out of fashion.  I'm glad that episode 4 is going to revolve around Tomosaka Rie's character (Yasuno Mikako) and her son.  She totally needs to be used in more dramas.  Yoshida Riko has shown the most acting chops on the whole show so far.  Nice to see a child actor who does more than look cute.  Overall, this is one of the shows I'm enjoying most this season.  Massuki has hardsubs for the first two already.  I'll be following both subs and raws.

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